Valent Air Management Systems is a manufacturer of feature-rich configurable ventilation equipment designed to address the needs of building owners, specifying engineers, and installing contractors.

Valent units are built on a foundation of four key attributes:

Premium Quality Construction
All of our units are constructed with premium features to reduce energy consumption, increase control over occupant comfort, and lengthen the product's service life.

Comprehensive Packaging
We believe that a packaged rooftop should include everything needed to operate the unit when it leaves our factory.

Thorough Run-Testing Program
Each and every production unit undergoes a 1-1.5 hour run testing procedure prior to shipment.

Powerful and Flexible Controls Package
Standard equipment on all Valent units is an advanced microprocessor controls system designed to increase occupant comfort and reduce energy consumption.

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Valent Showcase

The Green Screen Guys always go to great lengths to show you exciting new product features from Valent. This week they go out of this world to show off Valent's long awaited, air-cooled split system offering. 

The remote condenser and indoor ventilator will open up an entirely new set of opportunities for you to pursue!

Valent Product Center