Valent Corporate Brochure
Provides an overview of the Valent organization and our products.
Valent Products Catalog
Technical documentation on all Valent products.


Hatfield Elementary School
The enthalpic core heat exchanger of the VPRC provides real savings to this school district - both in reduced energy costs as well as avoided maintenance.


Controls Lite
Overview of Controls Lite option from Valent.
Active Head Pressure Control 2.0
Document illustrates the benefits of refrigeration head pressure control.
High Airflow Coils
Explains the benefits of Valent's Dehumidification and High Airflow coil sets.
Expanded Energy Recovery Options
Illustrates the advantages of three different types of energy recovery technology.
Water Source Heat Pump Refrigeration
Provides an overview of Valent's WSHP refrigeration systems, newly expanded up to 60 nominal tons.
Overview of Valent's energy recovery packaged ventilator with an air-to-air enthalpic core heat exchanger.
352 Casing
Overview of how the 352 expands Valent's product range while at the same time improving energy efficiency.
Inverter Scroll Compressors
Illustrates the advantages and availability of inverter scroll compressors in Valent equipment.


Mechanical IOM
Installation and operational manual for Valent equipment. 
Controls IOM (Carel)
Software and controls manual for units with Carel hardware (shipping after January 1st, 2018).
Controls IOM V4
Software and controls installation and operation manual for units with V3 and V4 software. To download the Universal Maintenance Tool required to access the controller through a PC, click here.
Controls Lite 2.0 IOM
Installation and operation manual for units with Controls Lite 2.0 platform.
Installation and operational manual for Valent's VRC remote condenser.